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How to maintain the charger of luxury sightseeing car in summer


The temperature in these two days is boring and hot, and in such a boring season, people must pay attention to the chargers for luxury sightseeing vehicles when they are used. The wrong way of use will result in luxury sightseeing vehicles. The effect of the service life. How to maintain and maintain the charger of luxury sightseeing car in high temperature weather?

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1. If the electric vehicle is not the same type, the parameters of the vehicle charger are different. If it is not possible to determine whether the other charger is consistent with the parameters of the luxury tourist car, then it is best not to Replace with other chargers. If it is because of the need of the environment to charge elsewhere, the best way is to go to a shop selling luxury scooters to go with a dedicated charger.

2. When the luxury sightseeing car was designed and manufactured, it was not designed to be used as a car charger for vehicles. Therefore, basically all the chargers were not able to receive some strong vibrations. Therefore, Don't store the charger in the trunk or in the basket. If it is because of the needs of the environment, the charger must be moved to another place, then the charger must be packaged in a shockproof plastic film beforehand. When the charger of the luxury tourist vehicle tries to vibrate for a period of time, some potentiometers inside the charger will drift, and the adjusted parameters will change, resulting in luxury sightseeing. Car charger is not cleaned on power.

3. When the battery of a luxury tourist vehicle is discharged, the vulcanization will begin. If this urgent time is recharged in time, it will be able to remove those not very serious sulfide crystals. If it is not immediately charged, the crystals of vulcanization will cause a relatively large crystal body after they have accumulated. This will gradually result in a decrease in the battery capacity of the luxury tourist car. The battery life.

4 , when the luxury tourist car driving to the downhill section, you can turn off the power, this will not only avoid emergency braking, but also can better save the battery power, in the start, you can gradually reduce the power The upswing, but the extent of the addition can not be too large.

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